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Traditional Festivals


The greatest representations of the tradition of Tivoli are the historical feasts and festivals having as central theme the devotion to the saints and to the gastronomical local culture;




Processione dell'Inchinata


According to some documents, this procession dates back to the first half of the 16th century, although some traces set a date to this event in the late Middle Ages.

Today, the Procession of the Inchinata ("the bowing") takes place every 14 August, the day on which the statue of the Lady of Graces and the image of St. Salvator, carried on shoulders by the faithful, go to make a greeting in the Lady of Graces' honour, in front of the Church of Saint Mary Major.



Pizzutello Festival


The first edition of The Pizzutello Festival was celebrated on 2 October 1845, after Pope Gregory XVI's visit to Tivoli.

During the festival the citizens of Tivoli organize floats adorned with Pizzutello, the special oval-shaped grape. Today this tradition is still strong in Tivoli and takes place on the last Saturday of September.